Three meals of goodness.

It’s been so long since, Breakfast, Lunch OR Dinner updated the blog! Haha, it seems like every blog we made ends up dead after some time. haha

Well, its been a pretty long time since either of us have seen each other. Well for me at least. x)

Well, this post is dedicated to lunch! Why? Because it is HER birthday! Though I don’t have anyting fancy to present to her with, unlike Breakfast.

Soooo…. Happy Birthday Lunch! :D


haha hi breakfast and dinner and everyone else who’s reading. haha.

internet connection here sucks. so that explains why i mysteriously disappeared. hahaha.

anyway, i kinda miss malaysia and the food. but the food in college is mostly chinese and asian. not that great lah. i met a lot of new friends here. i won’t talk much about them here since they are here. and two of them are just spying around.

hahaha. okay. nothing much. it’s friday night. means lots of homework and going out tmr!


Sorry my people, I know I, DINNER, had made you starve throughout the past few nights, but now I am BHHHAAACCCCK! :D

Lunch is missing, darn. Haven’t been seeing her online for quite some time, hope she’s good. hahaha.

Jeng Jeng, tumblr is sooooo much fun! I’m not kidding! the layouts and themes are really cool too. Feel free to check my tumblr or breakfast’s tumblr! And don’t worry, we’ll keep the love here too for you guys to feel it :D


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Lunch? Dinner?

Lunch and Dinner are missing in action.
This leaves me (breakfast) to keep this blog alive for the time being.

I’m this close in wanting to do Add Math again :( Breakfast gone crazy. Cuckoo alert.

I miss having Lunch around.

I miss having blur Dory around.

I miss them.

Dinner, you’re so free updating your tumblr why not update this!

Just so you wait. We’ll be back.

Lazy day.

I think out of the three of us, I am the laziest (sadly). It’s a brand new year already, 2010’s finally here and 2009’s long gone. College starts a week from now for me and I am 50% ready for it and 50% wanting to avoid it. New people, new place, new everything. How frustrating! Haha.

Currently, I’m having the most ‘productive’ day ever. I woke up at 10 ish and now, it’s 4 ish and I’m still doing absolutely nothing.

Lunch, we miss you too! I just saw your new year post! I’m sure you’re having a blast there. I’m like looking forward to you blogging so frequently now. Curiosity about Canada strikes.

It’s burning here. No fan. No aircond. Only because I’m lazy to switch any of them on.

Told you I’m the laziest.

Breakfast out.

Things to do when you are free. cheers.

happy new year!

hi guys! it’s lunch here! i know i haven’t blog but i’m sure breakfast and dinner did a good job keeping this blog alive. after all we did promise each other to not leave this blog dead like the last. :P

so what are your resolutions?

here’s my resolutions. actually not really lah. i just thought of it. more likely the things i need to do but not sure if i can do or not but need to do cause it’s so important yadayada

  1. to do well in studies.
  2. to eat well. especially eat breakfast and dinner more.
  3. to be healthy. this actually is just fate.
  4. go through this 6 or 7 months successfully and return to malaysia feeling awesome.
  5. keep in touch with friends.


it’s snowing here! i hope this year will be good. no more recessions. everything goes back to good and normal.

okay my jet lag is getting to me. getting tired and sleepy.

eh it stopped snowing! it’s getting warmer apparently. no more NEGATIVE DEGREES. IT’S POSITIVE THREE! but apparently this monday will be negative eight. all i can say is thank god i’m in my college ,warming my ass there.

going to niagara falls later! once again, breakfast, lunch and dinner wish you guys the best and a great year!

ps: i miss you breakfast and dinner!

Dinner Impossible! I know I’m impossible :)
-Credits to lil sara

Dinner Impossible! I know I’m impossible :)

-Credits to lil sara

Breakfast Flabs.

I just had a pretty good dinner just now so hi! I’m here again to update this blog…

Lunch is far, far away in Canada land and according to her tweets, it’s really cold there! I hope she’s doing great in Canada! Feels weird knowing Lunch is all the way there right now. Unbelievable fact.

Dinner totally reminded me to blog so here I am obeying his rules. I had a good time baking today and trust me, breakfast’s cake is so edible!


Happy New Year to everyone! (soon)

2010 will be an amazing year. Hopefully.

I’m lazy.

Breakfast out!